We provide a full range of Family Health Care services including:

Cervical Cytology - we recommend all women between 25-65 have a cervical smear test every three years or as advised by your doctor.

Family Planning - services provided by your doctor during normal surgery times.

Maternity Medical Services - provided by all doctors during surgery hours.

Child Health Surveillance - development checks between birth and the age of five by a doctor and health visitor. By appointment at the surgery or at your child health clinic. You will be invited at the appropriate time to attend.

Minor Surgery - A range of minor surgical procedures is carried out by the doctor during surgery hours in addition to the regular freezing clinics.

Health Promotion - the doctors and nurses are available to discuss any aspect of health promotion. As a general rule we recommend you keep your tetanus and polio immunisation up to date.

Non NHS Services

Some services are not covered by the NHS and a charge is payable - eg:

  • Sports, Pre-employment and HGV Medicals
  • Passport Signing - an appointment may be necessary
  • BUPA Verification
  • PPP Verification
  • Other Private Certificates
  • Sick Notes for First Week of Illness
  • Prescription for Medication to be Taken Abroad
  • Vaccination Certificates
  • A list of BMA-recommended fees is available at reception.
  • Several of the partners see private patients by appointment.


Specimens to be tested at the hospital at the request of your doctor must be brought into the surgery by 12.30pm.


2 Months

Combined Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus
(DPT+Hib) Polio (by mouth) and Meningitis "C"

3 Months

Combined Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus
(DPT+Hib) Polio (by mouth) and Meningitis "C"

4 Months

Combined Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus
(DPT+Hib) Polio (by mouth) and Meningitis "C"

12-18 Months

Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)

3-5 Years

Diphtheria booster
Tetanus booster
Polio booster (by mouth)
MMR booster

10-14 Years

BCG Tuberculosis

15-19 Years

Tetanus booster
Polio booster (by mouth)

If you have any doubts about any of the immunisations please speak to either your doctor or one of our health visitors.

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